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The newest elite cheer and tumble program in the Nashville area. 


All Star Cheerleading

We are so excited to begin this journey with a group of dedicated athletes and families. We will be posting more information about our try-outs soon! Please visit our website again for further details or you can shoot us an email with whatever questions you  may have.

Coming Soon 2016-2017 season!!!


During our summer cheer camps athletes will master the art of cheerleading, the baiscs of proper motions, Vocal, Dance, jumps, and beginner tumble. The entire camp will be focused on safey and using the best technique so that the entire squad will be in synch througout practices and the school year.
Our summer camps are for the teams that are looking to grow as program and prepare for high school level cheerleading. With our help you will have a customized routine that can be used for half time routines and pep rallys. Our goal is to have you squad stand beyong other squads at each game throughout the year, with this will come confidence for the entire team and happy parents/audience.

*If you are a school squad that is preparing to compete this season please call or email so we can discuss a customized camp option for you.
**If you wish to become a competitive squad and would like to discuss first steps on how to do this call or email so we can help you accomplish this goal


Our clinics will be held throughout the summer seperate from the camp if you enrolled with us on Saturdays, throughout the school year on Saturdays, or a day after school.
Time and location will be discussed between our staff and the coach or sponsor in charge.

These clinics will help focus on each focal point that is required to be an outstanding cheer squad/program.

Stunt Clinics

Tumbling Clinics

Jumps/Flexibility Clinics

We offer clinics that are seperate from our camps. These clinics are anywhere from 2 to 3 hours long. We will focus only on stunting and safety during that time.
During tumbling clinics we will have different stations working on the basics and fundamentals. Each athelte with have a chance to work with the instructor one on one.
This clinic will focus only on flexibility for all athletes participating. We will work on jump combos to stay in synch with each other as well as flyer flexibilty.